UC Southern Regional Library Facility (SRLF)

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Facility Description

The Southern Regional Library Facility is located on the campus of UCLA. Initial state funding was authorized for the building project in 1984. Construction of SRLF Phase I was completed in 1987 and construction of Phase II was completed in January 1996. The SRLF began operations in August, 1987. The building has staff and reader space as well as stack space.

Review Profile Link:

  • Facility URL: http://www.srlf.ucla.edu/
  • Address: 305 De Neve Drive Los Angeles, CA 90095-1388
  • Zip Code: 90095
  • State or Province: CA
  • Country: USA
  • Archive Facility Type: Standalone Facility - Closed Access
  • Ownership: Not specified
  • Shared: Not specified
  • Shelving Capacity: 6,900,000 volumes
  • Average Temperature:
  • Average Humidity:
  • Fire Inspection Date:
  • Fire Detection: Not specified
  • Fire Suppression: Not specified
  • Security: Not specified
  • Security Policy:
  • Access Policy:
  • Lighting Hours:
  • Lighting Type: Not specified
  • TWPI:
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