Program: Western Regional Storage Trust

  • Publisher: Nova Science Publishers
  • Print ISSN: 1532-723X
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  • OCLC Number: 44865632
  • Validation: issue-level
  • Retention: December 31, 2035
  • Institution: Rice University Shared Print in Storage
  • Facility: Rice University Library Service Center
  • OCLC Symbol: RCEFP
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Materials Archive Action Date of Action Program Status/Note
v.1 (2000)-v.14 (2002),v.19 (2003),v.21 (2003)-v.26 (2003),v.33 (2005)-v.35 (2005),
committed to retain 2012-06-29 WEST, WEST Gold
completeness reviewed 2013-09-19 WEST, WEST Gold
missing volumes / missing v.15-v.18,v.20,v.27-32
condition reviewed 2013-09-19 WEST, WEST Gold