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Title Publisher ISSN Program(Institution)
International security. MIT Press 0162-2889
Isis. Published by the University of Chicago Press for the History of Science Society [etc.] 0021-1753
Journal of African history. Cambridge University Press 0021-8537
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry. American Chemical Society, Books and Journals Division 0021-8561
Journal of anthropology Published for the Anthropological Society of London by Longmans, Green 1356-0123
Journal of black studies. Sage Publications 0021-9347
Journal of chemical and engineering data. American Chemical Society 0021-9568
Journal of chemical documentation. American Chemical Society 0021-9576
Journal of chemical education. Section of Chemical Education, American Chemical Society 0021-9584
Journal of chemical information and computer sciences. American Chemical Society 0095-2338
Journal of contemporary history. Sage Publications, etc 0022-0094
Journal of experimental social psychology. Academic Press 0022-1031
Journal of financial and quantitative analysis. University of Washington Graduate School of Business Administration and the Western Finance Association 0022-1090
Journal of health & social behavior. American Sociological Association 0022-1465
Journal of health and human behavior. Leo Potishman Foundation at Texas Christian University 0095-9006
Journal of inter-American studies. School of Inter-American Studies, University of Florida 0885-3118
Journal of medicinal chemistry. American Chemical Society 0022-2623
Journal of Near Eastern studies. University of Chicago Press 0022-2968
Journal of peace research. Sage Publications [etc.] 0022-3433
Journal of southern African studies. Oxford University Press 0305-7070
255 results for program: Orbis-Cascade Alliance Distributed Print Repository - page 5 of 13