PAPR Record Use Agreement

The Print Archives Preservation Registry (PAPR) is a knowledgebase, system, and associated services developed by the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) to support information sharing and collection analysis in order to significantly reduce costs, increase accessibility, and foster long-term preservation of journals, newspapers, and government documents for scholars and researchers in the CRL community.

PAPR currently consists of two primary services:

  • 1. The PAPR Database contains and makes available descriptive information about print and digital archiving programs and materials archived under those programs. The PAPR Database will be openly available to web searchers. Its use is governed by a separate PAPR Terms of Service policy.
  • 2. PAPR Collection Analysis Service ingests and analyzes information about library collections, in comparison with archived materials, in order to support print archiving decisions for libraries and consortia. The PAPR Collection Analysis Service is available to CRL libraries and to participants in CRL’s Global Resources Forum (GRF).

The PAPR Database and Collection Analysis Service is currently managed by CRL and hosted by the California Digital Library (CDL) under a memorandum of understanding between CRL and CDL.

1. Purpose

The purpose of this agreement is to define the rights and responsibilities of CRL ("CRL") and of the libraries ("Contributing Libraries") that provide metadata ("Contributed Data") to PAPR. In this agreement, "Contributed Data" is defined as the original bibliographic and holdings metadata and any data derived or reformatted from that original metadata that is provided by Contributing Libraries, or by consortia or other third-party organizations acting on their behalf.

The purpose of the agreement is to:

  • Define CRL’s obligations with regard to the Contributed Data.
  • Define Contributing Libraries’ rights and responsibilities with respect to contribution, access, and use or transfer of data contributed to PAPR.
  • Define permitted uses of the PAPR Database and Collection Analysis Service.
  • Define the steps Contributing Libraries and CRL will take if disputes arise regarding the use of Contributed Data.
  • Establish a process for managing future changes to this policy.

2. CRL Obligations to Contributing Libraries

CRL agrees to use Contributed Data only to support the purposes of archiving, preservation, collection analysis, and related purposes, and for no other purpose unless such purpose is explicitly approved by the Contributing Library. CRL uses of Contributed Data will include:

a. Adding Contributed Data to the PAPR Database, and maintaining such data consistent with the standards and guidelines adopted by CRL on behalf of the Contributing Libraries.

b. Modifying, enriching, analyzing, and reformatting Contributed Data to support PAPR functionality and services.

c. Providing Contributed Data to the California Digital Library (CDL) or other successor organization chosen to serve as system host of the PAPR Database and Collection Analysis Service, for the purpose of creating and maintaining the PAPR Database and Collection Analysis Service.

d. Making selected information about a Contributing Library’s archived holdings available to users of the PAPR Database through open web searching.

e. Making selected information about a Contributing Library’s archived and unarchived holdings available to other members of the Contributing Library’s consortium or recognized print archiving program, for use in the PAPR Collection Analysis Service.

CRL explicitly agrees not to provide the Contributing Library’s full MARC bibliographic records to any third parties, except to CDL or other successor system host chosen by CRL to maintain the PAPR Database and Collection Analysis Service as described in 2c above.

3. Contributing Library Responsibilities and Rights

a. Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of Contributing Library to:

1. Contribute to the PAPR Database current bibliographic and holdings data of archived materials consistent with the standards and guidelines adopted by CRL on behalf of the Contributing Libraries, and to update those records on a timetable established by CRL.

2. Make reasonable efforts to ensure that their contributions to the PAPR Database do not violate the rights of any third party.

b. Rights

Contributing Libraries that export Contributed Data or receive reports or files of Contributed Data representing their own or other Contributing Library holdings from the PAPR Database have the right to:

1. Load or incorporate such data into local systems for purposes of collection analysis

2. Use such data for purposes of supporting library collection management decisions or resource sharing. Any such use will be at the library’s own risk. Neither CRL nor any Contributing Library will be responsible for losses or damages incurred as a result of using PAPR.

Contributing Libraries may not load data representing other Contributing Library holdings into local library catalogs without the express permission of the Contributing Libraries.

4. Rights to use of content in the PAPR Database

CRL claims all rights, including copyright, in the PAPR Database as a compilation, but does not claim copyright ownership of individual records.

CRL claims copyright in the presentation of, and information relating to, PAPR, including but not limited to text on the website and interface and the designs of the website, interface and logo.

CRL has the right to make use of any and all descriptive information aggregated in the PAPR Database, and of any and all information and resources derived by CRL there from, necessary to support its own preservation, archive planning, collection analysis, and related purposes.

5. Objectionable Uses of Contributed Data

Contributing Libraries are encouraged to discuss with CRL any additional restrictions on uses that do not appear to be covered by this agreement. If such restriction is determined not to be covered herein, CRL and the Contributing Library will seek a mutually agreeable resolution of the matter. If either party believes that timely resolution cannot be reached, then the Contributing Library will refrain from contributing data to the PAPR Database until such time as a satisfactory agreement can be reached.

6. Policy Revision and Evolution

CRL will review the terms of this agreement with the Contributing Libraries at least once every three years to insure its continued suitability. A Contributing Library may request an earlier review by written notice to CRL.