American University intramural law review.

  • Publisher: Washington College of Law
  • Print ISSN: 0275-1674
  • Electronic ISSN:
  • OCLC Number: 2257458
  • Subject:
  • Subject code: K
  • Publication history: v. 2-5; Dec. 1952-May 1956.

Print Holdings

Archiving Institution Program Holdings Description Retention
University of Calgary Library (UAU) COPPUL SPAN v.2-v.5 (1952-1956) 20221231
University of Chicago Law Library (KEH) LLMC v.1 (1952/1953)-v.5, Index v.1-v.5 retention period not specified
Washington Research Library Consortium (CAO) Scholars Trust, WRLC v.2 (1952)-v.5 (1956) 20351231