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Title Publisher ISSN Program(Institution)
Academic therapy. Pro-Ed, etc 0001-396X
Acta sociologica. Universitetsforlaget [etc.] 0001-6993
Administration & society. Sage Publications 0095-3997
Adult education bulletin. Dept. of Adult Education, National Education Association 0733-0766
Adult education. American Association for Adult and Continuing Education, etc 0001-8481
Affilia. Feminist Press 0886-1099
American educational research journal. American Educational Research Association 0002-8312
American politics quarterly. SAGE Publications 0044-7803
American politics research. Sage Publications, Inc. 1532-673X
American review of public administration. Midwest Review of Public Administration 0275-0740
American sociological review. American Sociological Association [etc.] 0003-1224
Communication research. Sage Publications 0093-6502
Community college review. North Carolina State University 0091-5521
Comparative group studies. Sage Publications 0010-4108
Contemporary sociology. American Sociological Association 0094-3061
Contributions to Indian sociology. Vikas Pub. House [etc.] 0069-9667
Crime and delinquency. National Council on Crime and Delinquency 0011-1287
Criminal justice and behavior. Sage Publications 0093-8548
Critique of anthropology. Sage Publications [etc.] 0308-275X
Cross-cultural research : official journal of the Society for Cross-Cultural Research / sponsored by the Human Relations Area Files, Inc. Sage Periodicals Press 1069-3971
118 results for facility: University of Alabama Library Annex - page 1 of 6