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Title Publisher ISSN Program(Institution)
"Novice's" gleanings in bee culture. A.I. Root & Co.
17th and 18th century theatre research. Loyola University
20th century studies. Faculty of Humanities of the University of Kent at Canterbury 0041-4638
A Directory of dealers in secondhand and antiquarian books in the British Isles. Sheppard Press 0070-5411
A Guide to graduate study in political science. American Political Science Association 0091-9632
A Political handbook of the world. Published for Council on Foreign Relations by Harvard University Press and Yale University Press
A Real Goods solar living sourcebook. Chelsea Green Pub. Co. 1936-7775
A Seventeenth century news letter. Rutgers University 0735-7621
AAAS handbook. American Association for the Advancement of Science 1062-2195
AANA journal. American Association of Nurse Anesthetists 0094-6354
AAUW journal. American Association of University Women 0001-0278
Abhandlungen der Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftlichen Klasse. F. Steiner Verlag 0002-2993
Abstracts of research papers. American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation 0587-4890
Abstracts of the ... Intermag Conference / sponsored by the Magnetics Group of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 0538-6160
Academy proceedings in earth and planetary sciences. Indian Academy of Sciences
Accademie e biblioteche d'Italia. Palombi 0001-4451
ACI materials journal. American Concrete Institute 0889-325X
ACI structural journal. American Concrete Institute 0889-3241
Acme. Universitʹa, Facoltʹa di lettere e filosofia 0001-494X
ACRL monograph. Publications Committee, Association of College and Reference Libraries 0066-9520
4073 results for institution: University of California, NRLF Shared Print (ZAPSP) - page 1 of 204