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Title Publisher ISSN Program(Institution)
Accent : Accent 1050-6276
Appalachian heritage Appalachian Heritage, Inc. 0363-2318
Approaches. Approaches 0003-7133
Dickens quarterly. Dickens Society 0742-5473
Green River review. 0017-4009
Indiana Audubon quarterly. Indiana Audubon Society 0019-6525
International journal of urban and regional research. E. Arnold 0309-1317
Journal of intergroup relations. National Association of Human Rights Workers 0047-2492
Journal of the Kentucky Academy of Science. The Academy 1098-7096
Kentucky afield. Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources 1059-9177
Kentucky folklore record. Kentucky Folklore Society 0023-0227
Kentucky foreign language quarterly. 0023-0332
Kentucky happy hunting ground s.n. 0023-0235
Kentucky poetry review. Bellarmine College 0889-647X
Kentucky romance quarterly : KRQ. University Press of Kentucky 0364-8664
Metropolitan universities. Transaction Periodicals Consortium 1047-8485
MeĢlanges Malraux. Malraux Society 0025-892X
Mountain review. Appalshop, inc 0145-546X
Pennsylvania birds. Franklin C. Haas and Barbara M. Haas 0898-8501
Romance quarterly. University Press of Kentucky 0883-1157
36 results for institution: University of Louisville (KLG) - page 1 of 2