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Title Publisher ISSN Program (Institution)
Electronic engineering. Morgan-Grampian 0013-4902
Engineering geology. Elsevier Pub. Co. 0013-7952
Experimental techniques. Society for Experimental Stress Analysis 0732-8818
Food technology. Food technology, etc 0015-6639
Foundry management & technology. Penton Pub. Co. 0360-8999
Foundry. Penton Pub. Co. 0015-9034
Gas engineering and management. Institution of Gas Engineers 0306-6444
Geochemistry international. Scripta Technica [etc.] 0016-7029
High performance polymers. Carfax Pub. Co. 0954-0083
Illinois libraries. [Illinois State Library] 0019-2104
IRAL, International review of applied linguistics in language teaching. Revue internationale de linguistique appliquée enseignement des langues. Internationale Zeitschrift für angewandte Linguistik in der Spracherziehung. J. Groos 0019-042X
Journal of applied systems analysis. Dept. of Systems, University of Lancaster 0308-9541
Journal of Cherokee studies. Museum of the Cherokee Indian 0146-2962
Journal of common market studies. Blackwell 0021-9886
Journal of educational modules for materials science and engineering. EMMSE 0197-3940
Journal of geochemical exploration. Elsevier 0375-6742
Journal of geodynamics. Geophysical Press 0264-3707
Journal of industrial aerodynamics. Elsevier Scientific Pub. Co. 0304-3908
Journal of philosophical logic. Kluwer Academic Publishers, etc 0022-3611
Journal of scientific & industrial research. Council of Scientific & Industrial Research 0368-4229
81 results for institution: University of Tennessee (TKN) - page 2 of 5