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Title Publisher ISSN Program (Institution)
Air transport. McGraw-Hill Pub. Co.
Applied ocean research. CML Publications 0141-1187
Armed Forces journal international. Army and Navy Journal, inc 0196-3597
Coastal zone management journal. Crane, Russak 0090-8339
Computers & operations research. Pergamon Press 0305-0548
Computers & structures. Pergamon Press 0045-7949
Deep-sea research. Pergamon Press 0967-0637
Deep-sea research. Pergamon Press 0967-0645
Engineering structures. IPC Science and Technology Press 0141-0296
Environmental management. Springer-Verlag 0364-152X
General Electric review. General Electric Co. 0095-9480
Illuminating engineering. Illuminating Engineering Society 0019-2333
Inland seas. Great Lakes Historical Society 0020-1537
Iron and steel engineer. Association of Iron and Steel Engineers, etc 0021-1559
Journal of aquatic animal health. American Fisheries Society 0899-7659
Journal of composites for construction. American Society of Civil Engineers 1090-0268
Journal of mechanisms, transmissions, and automation in design. American Society of Mechanical Engineers 0738-0666
Journal of women and minorities in science and engineering. Begell House, Inc. 1072-8325
Lighting design + application : LD + A. Illuminating Engineering Society of North America 0360-6325
Marine geotechnology. Taylor & Francis [etc.] 0360-8867
47 results for institution: US Coast Guard Academy (CGA) - page 1 of 3