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Title Publisher ISSN Program (Institution)
Acta biologica Cracoviensia. Panstwowe Wydawn. Naukowe 0001-5296
Acta medica costarricense Colegio de medicos y cirujanos 0001-6012
Acta pharmaceutica : a quarterly journal of Croatian Pharmaceutical Society and Slovenian Pharmaceutical Society, dealing with all branches of pharmacy and allied sciences Croatian Pharmaceutical Society 1330-0075
Acta pharmaceutica Jugoslavica. Savez farmaceutskih društava Jugoslavije 0001-6667
Advances in cell aging and gerontology JAI Press 1566-3124
Advances in lipobiology. JAI Press 1940-2856
Advances in magnetic and optical resonance. Academic Press 1057-2732
Advances in magnetic resonance. Academic Press 0065-2873
African sociological review = Revue africaine de sociologie. CODESRIA 1027-4332
Agronomía costarricense. Universidad de Costa Rica 0377-9424
Alfa. FFCL de Marília, Departamento de Letras 0002-5216
Altorientalische Forschungen. Akademie-Verlag 0232-8461
Ameghiniana. Asociacion Paleontologica Argentina 0002-7014
American journal of Germanic linguistics and literatures / Society for Germanic Philology. Published at the College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature, University of Hawaii for the Society 1040-8207
An sionnach : a journal of literature, culture, and the arts. Creighton University Press 1554-8953
Analele Universității din Timișoara. Universitatea
Analele Universitæat÷ii din Timiæsoara. 0082-4453
Angermion : yearbook for Anglo-German literary criticism, intellectual history and cultural transfers = Angermion : Jahrbuch fèur britisch-deutsche Kulturbeziehungen. de Gruyter 1438-2091
Annalen der Chemie und Pharmacie. C.F. Winter'sche
Annalen der Pharmacie. Meyerschen Hof-Buchh. und der Winterschen Universitäts-Buchh. 0365-5490
300 results for institution: University of Kansas Shared Print (KKUSP) - page 1 of 15