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Title Publisher ISSN Program (Institution)
Economic development and cultural change. University of Chicago Press 0013-0079
Economic policy. Press Syndicate of the University of Cambridge 0266-4658
Educational evaluation and policy analysis. American Educational Research Association 0162-3737
Educational horizons. Pi Lambda Theta 0013-175X
Educational technology research and development : ETR & D. Association for Educational Communications and Technology 1042-1629
Engineering geology. Elsevier Pub. Co. 0013-7952
Environmental and experimental botany. Pergamon Press 0098-8472
Environmental biology of fishes. Kluwer Academic Publishers [etc.] 0378-1909
Environmental pollution. Elsevier Applied Science Publishers 0269-7491
Ergonomics : Taylor & Francis 0014-0139
Estuaries. Estuarine Research Federation 0160-8347
Estuarine and coastal marine science. Academic Press 0302-3524
European journal of organic chemistry. Wiley-VCH 1434-193X
Evaluation review. Sage Publications 0193-841X
Experimental techniques. Society for Experimental Stress Analysis 0732-8818
FEMS microbiology reviews. Published by Elsevier Science Publishers on behalf of the Federation of European Microbiological Societies 0168-6445
Financial management. Financial Management Association 0046-3892
Folklore. Folklore Society 0015-587X
Food policy. IPC Science and Technology Press 0306-9192
Fortschritte der Physik. Akademie Verlag 0015-8208
367 results for ncopies: 11 - page 5 of 19