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Title Publisher ISSN Program (Institution)
Africa. Oxford University Press 0001-9720
African studies review. African Studies Association [etc.] 0002-0206
American educational research journal. American Educational Research Association 0002-8312
Classical quarterly. Clarendon Press [etc.] 0009-8388
Conservation biology : the journal of the Society for Conservation Biology. Blackwell Scientific Publications 0888-8892
Contemporary sociology. American Sociological Association 0094-3061
Economic botany. New York Botanical Garden, etc 0013-0001
Ethos. University of California Press 0091-2131
International organization. MIT Press, etc 0020-8183
Journal of black studies. Sage Publications 0021-9347
Journal of medicinal chemistry. American Chemical Society 0022-2623
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Royal Society 0962-8436
Public choice. Kluwer Academic Publishers [etc.] 0048-5829
Science, technology & human values. MIT Press 0162-2439
Social psychology quarterly. American Sociological Association 0190-2725
Teaching sociology. American Sociological Association, [etc.] 0092-055X
The American journal of psychology. University of Illinois Press [etc.] 0002-9556
The economic journal : the quarterly journal of the Royal Economic Society. Macmillan 0013-0133
The Monist. Published by Open Court for the Hegeler Institute 0026-9662
19 results for ncopies: 15