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Title Publisher ISSN Program(Institution)
Academy of Management perspectives. Academy of Management 1558-9080
Acadiensis. Dept. of History, University of New Brunswick 0044-5851
Acarologia. Marc Vachon 0044-586X
Accountability in research Gordon and Breach 0898-9621
Accounting education Chapman & Hall 0963-9284
Accounting, auditing & accountability journal. MCB University Press 1368-0668
Accounting, management, and information technologies. Pergamon Press 0959-8022
ACI materials journal. American Concrete Institute 0889-325X
ACM guide to computing literature. Association for Computing Machinery 0149-1199
ACM Inroads Association for Computing Machinery, Inc. 2153-2184
ACM journal on emerging technologies in computing systems. Association for Computing Machinery 1550-4832
ACM transactions on algorithms. Association for Computing Machinery 1549-6325
ACM transactions on multimedia computing communications and applications. Association for Computing Machinery 1551-6857
ACM transactions on office information systems : a publication of the Association for Computing Machinery. The Association 0734-2047
ACM transactions on sensor networks. Association for Computing Machinery 1550-4859
ACM transactions on the web. Association for Computing Machinery 1559-1131
Acoustics Australia / Australian Acoustical Society. The Society 0814-6039
ACRL news. Association of College and Research Libraries
ACS chemical biology. American Chemical Society 1554-8929
ACSM's health & fitness journal. American College of Sports Medicine ; Williams & Wilkins 1091-5397
6524 results for ncopies: 3 - page 2 of 327