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Title Publisher ISSN Program(Institution)
Africa quarterly. Indian Centre for Africa [etc.] 0001-9828
Africa today. Indiana University Press [etc.] 0001-9887
African historical studies. African Studies Center of Boston University 0001-9992
Ageing international. Springer Science + Business MediaWashington, etc 0163-5158
Agenda : a journal about women and gender. Agenda Collective 1013-0950
Agents and actions. Birkhàˆuser 0065-4299
Aggression and violent behavior. Pergamon 1359-1789
Agricultural administration. Applied Science Publishers 0309-586X
AI & society. Springer International 0951-5666
AIDS and behavior. Plenum Press 1090-7165
AIDS care Carfax Pub. Co. 0954-0121
AIDS education and prevention. Guilford Press 0899-9546
AIHAJ : a journal for the science of occupational and environmental health and safety. American Industrial Hygiene Association 1529-8663
Air conditioning, heating and ventilating. Industrial Press
AJR, American journal of roentgenology. American Roentgen Ray Society, etc 0361-803X
AJS review. Association for Jewish Studies 0364-0094
ALA bulletin. American Library Association 0364-4006
Alcohol and alcoholism : international journal of the Medical Council on Alcoholism. Pergamon Press 0735-0414
Alcohol. Ankho International 0741-8329
Alcoholism treatment quarterly. Haworth Press 0734-7324
2890 results for ncopies: 4 - page 4 of 145