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Title Publisher ISSN Program(Institution)
American journal of education. University of Chicago Press 0195-6744
American journal of mathematics. Johns Hopkins University Press [etc.] 0002-9327
American journal of numismatics. American Numismatic and Arch├Žological Society 2381-4594
American journal of philology. Johns Hopkins University Press [etc.] 0002-9475
American journal of political science. Published by University of Texas Press for Midwest Political Science Association [etc.] 0092-5853
American journal of theology & philosophy. American Journal of Theology & Philosophy 0194-3448
American libraries. American Library Association 0002-9769
American literary history. Oxford University Press 0896-7148
American literary realism, 1870-1910. University of Texas at Arlington, Dept. of English 0002-9823
American literary realism. University of Illinois Press 1540-3084
American literature; a journal of literary history, criticism and bibliography. Duke University Press 0002-9831
American music. Sonneck Society and the University of Illinois Press 0734-4392
American philosophical quarterly. Department of Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh 0003-0481
American Presbyterians. Presbyterian Historical Society 0886-5159
American quarterly. Johns Hopkins University Press, etc 0003-0678
American scientist. Sigma Xi, etc 0003-0996
American secondary education. Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators 0003-1003
American sociological review. American Sociological Association [etc.] 0003-1224
American speech. Published by the University of Alabama Press for the American Dialect Society, etc 0003-1283
American Statistical Association bulletin. American Statistical Association 2334-3915
2320 results for program: Center for Research Libraries JSTOR Project - page 5 of 116