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Title Publisher ISSN Program(Institution)
Accounting in Europe Routledge, Taylor & Francis 1744-9480
Accounting perspectives : a journal of the Canadian Academic Accounting Association = Perspectives comptables : revue de l'Association canadienne des professeurs de comptabiliteĢ. Canadian Academic Accounting Association = Association canadienne des professeurs de comptabiliteĢ 1911-382X
Accounting research journal Queensland Institute of Technology, School of Accountancy 1030-9616
Accounting, auditing, & accountability. MCB University Press 0951-3574
Accounting, business & financial history Routledge 0958-5206
Accounting, economics and law [s.n.] 2194-6051
Accounting, management, and information technologies. Pergamon Press 0959-8022
Accounting, organizations and society. Pergamon Press 0361-3682
Accounts of chemical research. American Chemical Society 0001-4842
Accreditation and quality assurance Springer 0949-1775
ACM computing surveys. Association for Computing Machinery 0360-0300
ACM Inroads Association for Computing Machinery, Inc. 2153-2184
ACM journal of computer documentation. ACM 1527-6805
ACM journal of data and information quality. Association for Computing Machinery 1936-1955
ACM journal on computing and cultural heritage. Association for Computing Machinery 1556-4673
ACM journal on emerging technologies in computing systems. Association for Computing Machinery 1550-4832
ACM letters on programming languages and systems. Association for Computing Machinery 1057-4514
ACM Lisp Bulletin Association for Computing Machinery 2372-8752
ACM queue : tomorrow's computing today. Association for Computing Machinery 1542-7730
ACM SIGBioinformatics Record Association for Computing Machinery 2331-9291
20283 results for program: Portico - page 4 of 1015