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Title Publisher ISSN Program(Institution)
... Engineering Conference : Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry
14th century English mystics newsletter. Saint Ambrose College 0737-5840
19th century music. University of California Press 0148-2076
80 micro. 1001001 Inc. 0744-7868
A checklist of official publications of the State of New York. New York State Library 0077-9296
A current bibliography on African affairs. Baywood Pub. Co. 0011-3255
A defesa nacional. Defesa Nacional 0011-7641
A Journal of Church and State. J. M. Dawson Studies in Church and State, Baylor University 0021-969X
A Lavoura. 0023-9135
A Magyar Tudományos Akadémia Csillagvizsgáló Intézetének közleményei. Mitteilungen der Sternwarte der Ungarischen Akademie der Wissenschaften. [Akadémiai Nyomda, etc.] 0324-2234
A report of activities in ... / Committee for Economic Development. The Committee 0573-0392
A Report to the nation / Blue Cross. Blue Cross Association 0523-7645
A Review of English literature. Longmans, Green and Company 0486-6053
A Shout in the street. Queens College Press 0363-079X
A Sociological yearbook of religion in Britain. SCM Press 0081-1777
A Survey of race relations in South Africa. South African Institute of Race Relations 0081-9778
A Translation of Doklady. American Institute of Biological Sciences 0886-7534
A Wake newslitter. Dept. of Literature, University of Essex 0049-6847
A Year book of the Commonwealth / Foreign and Commonwealth Office. H.M.S.O. 0084-4047
A+. Ziff-Davis Pub. Co. 0740-1590
14033 results for program: Scholars Trust - page 1 of 702