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40938 results for program: Scholars Trust - page 1675 of 2047
Title Publisher ISSN Program (Institution)
Studies in natural sciences. Natural Sciences Research Institute, Eastern New Mexico University 0097-4412
Studies in personnel policy. National Industrial Conference Board 0081-8356
Studies in personnel psychology. Etudes en psychologie du personnel. Centre de psychologie du personnel de la Commission de la Fonction publique du Canada 0081-8364
Studies in philology. University of North Carolina Press [etc.] 0039-3738
Studies in philosophy and education. Kluwer Academic Publishers, [etc.] 0039-3746
Studies in philosophy and social science. KoĢˆsel-Verlag
Studies in philosophy and the history of philosophy. Catholic University of America Press 0585-6965
Studies in political economy. s.n.] Carleton University Graphic Services) 0707-8552
Studies in politics and society : Koda Publishers 2006-9243
Studies in popular culture. Popular Culture Association in the South 0888-5753
Studies in practical philosophy : Humanities Press 1389-0506
Studies in psychology and psychiatry / Catholic University of America
Studies in qualitative methodology. JAI Press 1042-3192
Studies in religion. Sciences religieuses. Published by University of Toronto Press for the Canadian Corporation for Studies in Religion 0008-4298
Studies in romanticism. Graduate School, Boston University 0039-3762
Studies in science education. Centre for Studies in Science Education, University of Leeds 0305-7267
Studies in Scottish literature. University of South Carolina Press, etc 0039-3770
Studies in second language acquisition / Indiana University. Indiana University Linguistics Club 0272-2631
Studies in short fiction. Newberry College 0039-3789
Studies in Soviet thought. Kluwer Academic Publishers [etc.] 0039-3797
40938 results for program: Scholars Trust - page 1675 of 2047