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Title Publisher ISSN Program (Institution)
Academe : bulletin of the AAUP. American Association of University Professors 0190-2946
Academic emergency medicine : Hanley & Belfus 1069-6563
Academic library statistics. Association of Research Libraries 0571-6519
Academic pediatrics : the official journal of the Academic Pediatric Association Academic Pediatric Association 1876-2859
Academic radiology. Association of University Radiologists 1076-6332
Academy of Management journal. Academy of Management 0001-4273
Academy of Management perspectives. Academy of Management 1558-9080
Academy proceedings in earth and planetary sciences. Indian Academy of Sciences
Acadiensis. Dept. of History, University of New Brunswick 0044-5851
Acarologia. Marc Vachon 0044-586X
Accademie e biblioteche d'Italia. Palombi 0001-4451
Accident analysis and prevention. [Pergamon Press] 0001-4575
Accomplishments in cancer research. Lippincott 0273-3552
Accounting and finance : Accounting Association of Australia and New Zealand 0810-5391
Accounting education Chapman & Hall 0963-9284
Accounting history : official publication of the Accounting History Special Interest Group of the Accounting Association of Australia & New Zealand Accounting History Special Interest Group 1032-3732
Accounting history review Routledge, Taylor & Francis 2155-2851
Accounting in Europe Routledge, Taylor & Francis 1744-9480
Accounting, organizations and society. Pergamon Press 0361-3682
ACI materials journal. American Concrete Institute 0889-325X
15507 results for program: University of California Shared Print - page 4 of 776