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... Report.
A brief report of the business transacted.
A catalogue of the officers and members of the Massachusetts Peace Society, including ... branches or auxiliaries. Massachusetts Peace Society
A Handbook on municipal administration. Government of West Bengal, Institute of Local Government and Urban Studies, Local Government and Urban Development Dept
A Manual for Louisiana legislators / Louisiana Legislative Council
A report on census of State government employees in Nagaland. Directorate of Economics & Statistics
A review of public administration, the Republic of China. Administrative Research and Evaluation Commission, Executive Yuan
A statement of the financial condition of the county of Androscoggin. The County
AAUN news / The Association
Abstracts and index of reports and articles. Lok Sabha Secretariat
Abstracts of reports. Lok Sabha Secretariat
Accounts and papers. H.M.S.O.
Acta politica. 0001-6810
Ad rem : the magazine of the International Law Students Association The Association 1074-0961
Address of State by the President of the Republic of Indonesia before the House of People's Representatives on the eve of the ... independence day. Department of Information
Administration & society. Sage Publications 0095-3997
Administration and management review : The College
Administration et diplomatie d'Afrique noire et de Madagascar. Europe-Outremer, Ediafric 0567-9478
Administration journal. Public Administration Research Centre, Cabinet Secretariat, O & M Division
Administration report of the Director of Commerce.
1505 results for subjectCode: J - page 1 of 76