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Title Publisher ISSN Program (Institution)
A.S.P.G. news bulletin / Alberta Society of Petroleum Geologists. The Society 0317-4158
A.S.R.E. journal. American Society of Refrigerating Engineers 0097-7187
A.S.T.M. standards on paints, varnish, lacquer, and related products.
A.S.T.M. standards on plastics : The Society
A.T.S. review;
A/E/C systems computer solutions. A/E/C Systems 1061-7663
AACE bulletin. American Association of Cost Engineers 0001-0049
AAHS journal / American Aviation Historical Society. American Aviation Historical Society 0882-9365
AAPG bulletin. American Association of Petroleum Geologists 0149-1423
AAPG explorer. AAPG 0195-2986
AAS history series. Univelt 0730-3564
AASHTO Annual Meeting proceedings : The Association
AASHTO quarterly. American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials 0147-4847
AATCC review. American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists 1532-8813
AAWPC newsletter / AAWPC
ABB review. ABB Asea Brown Boveri 1013-3119
Aberdeen's concrete construction. Aberdeen Group 1051-5526
Aberdeen's magazine of masonry construction / the Aberdeen Group. The Group 1055-4408
Abhandlungen aus dem Aerodynamischen Institut an der Rheinisch-Westfalischen Technischen Hochschule in Aachen. s.n. 0172-3898
16760 results for subjectCode: T - page 3 of 838