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Title Publisher ISSN Program(Institution)
"Recherches" sur la musique fran├žaise classique. A. et J. Picard 0080-0139
... Annual report.
1650-1850 : ideas, aesthetics, and inquiries in the early modern era. AMS Press 1065-3112
17th and 18th century theatre research. Loyola University
19th century music. University of California Press 0148-2076
20 century British history. Oxford University Press 0955-2359
20th century music. 20th Century Music 1085-5505
20th century studies. Faculty of Humanities of the University of Kent at Canterbury 0041-4638
21st century music. 21st-Century Music 1534-3219
7 arts. Permabooks
A Banker's view of the motor carrier industry. American Trucking Associations
A Bibliography for the study of African politics. Crossroads Press 0161-5726
A checklist of American imprints for ... Scarecrow Press 0361-7920
A Children's defense budget. Children's Defense Fund 0736-6701
A chronicle of human rights in the USSR. Khronika Press
A Directory of dealers in secondhand and antiquarian books in the British Isles. Sheppard Press 0070-5411
A Forum on taxing & spending. Institute for Contemporary Studies 0162-9794
A London bibliography of the social sciences. Mansell Information/Publishing Ltd. [etc.] 0076-051X
A Miscellany of American poetry. Harcourt, Brace
A Picture of world economic conditions / National Industrial Conference Board
10417 results for yearArchived: 2016 - page 1 of 521