Library of Congress High Density Storage Facility

Facility Description

Storage Module 1 (SM1), has an 8,500 square foot footprint and a height of approximately 40 feet; the Office Module will be 6,300 square feet; and the Loading Docks, Mechanical Rooms, Vestibule, and Circulation Corridor will total 10,000 square feet. SM1 will house only paper-based material-books and bound periodicals.Shelving will be industrial shelving, approximately 30 feet high, and 36 inches deep. There will be no public reading room at the facility. Subsequent phases will consist of adding up to 13

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  • Facility URL:
  • Address: Fort Meade, Maryland 20755
  • Zip Code: 20755
  • State or Province: MD
  • Country: USA
  • Archive Facility Type: Standalone Facility - Closed Access-Harvard Model
  • Ownership: Owned
  • Shared: Space For Single Print Archive Project
  • Shelving Capacity: 1.4 million items
  • Average Temperature: 50 F
  • Average Humidity: 30%
  • Fire Inspection Date:
  • Fire Detection: Heat Detectors
  • Fire Suppression: Sprinkler Systems
  • Security: Lock
  • Security Policy:
  • Access Policy:
  • Lighting Hours:
  • Lighting Type: Incandescent
  • TWPI:
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