Facility directory

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76 archive facilities
Arizona State University Hayden Library
Arizona State University Remote Library Storage Facility
Center for Research Libraries
Clemson University Robert M Cooper Library
College of William and Mary Earl Gregg Swem Library
Cornell Library Annex
East Carolina University Joyner Library
Ellis Library (University of Missouri)
Five College Library Repository Collection
Georgia Tech Remote Storage Library Service Center (LSC)
Indiana University Auxiliary Library Facility
Iowa State University Library Storage Building
Kansas University Library Annex
Library of Congress High Density Storage Facility
Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering & Technology
Maine Shared Collections Management Center
Mathematical Sciences Library, The (University of Missouri )
Middleton Library
Minnesota Library Access Center (MLAC)
Mississippi State University Mitchell Memorial Library
New York Public Library Repository
North Carolina State University Hunt Library
North Dakota State University Library
Northeastern Ohio Cooperative Regional Library Depository
Northwest Ohio Regional Book Depository
Oak Street High Density Storage (University of illinois Champaign-Urbana)
Ohio State University Library Book Depository
Oklahoma State University Library Auxiliary Building
Oklahoma State University North Boomer Annex
PASCAL - Preservation and Access Service Center for Colorado Academic Libraries
Pennsylvania State University Libraries Annex
Ralph Brown Draughon Library (Auburn)
Research Collections and Preservation Consortium
Rice University Library Service Center
San Francisco State University
Southeast Ohio Regional Library Depository
Southwest Ohio Regional Library Depository (SWORD)
Stanford University Auxiliary Library 3
Tompkins-McCaw Library for the Health Sciences
TriUniversity Group of Libraries TUG Annex
Tulane Off-Site Library Facility
UC Southern Regional Library Facility (SRLF)
UNC Library Service Center (LSC)
Underground Vaults & Storage (LLMC)
University at Buffalo Libraries Annex
University of Alabama Library Annex
University of Alberta Book and Record Depository (BARD)
University of Arkansas Library Storage Annex (LISA)
University of British Columbia
University of British Columbia Library PARC (Preservation ARChives)
University of Calgary High Density Library (HDL)
University of California Northern Regional Library Facility (NRLF)
University of Chicago Mansueto Library
University of Florida Auxiliary Library Facility
University of Florida George A Smathers Library
University of Florida High Density Facility
University of Iowa Libraries
University of Kentucky - Off Campus Remote Storage Facility
University of Louisville Ekstrom Library
University of Memphis, Ned R. McWherter Library
University of Mississippi Remote Storage Facility
University of Missouri Library Depositories
University of Nebraska Library Depository Retrieval Facility (LDRF)
University of South Carolina at Greensboro, Walter Clinton Jackson Library
University of South Carolina Library Annex and Conservation Facility
University of Tennessee Remote Storage Facility
University of Toronto at Downsview
University of Utah Automated Retrieval Center (ARC)
University of Virginia Remote Storage Facility
University of Washington Auxiliary Stacks
University of Wisconsin, Madison
University of Wyoming Library Annex
Utah State Borrower’s Automated Retrieval Network (BARN)
Virginia Tech Remote Storage Facility
Wake Forest University Remote Storage Facility
Washington Research Library Consortium Shared Collection Facility (SCF)