Five College Library Repository Collection

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Facility Description

Five Colleges, Inc. will lease indefinitely approximately 10,000 square feet from Amherst College, the owner of the Depository facility.T he Five College Librarians will establish standards for the maintenance of the Depository and negotiate with Amherst College for the adherence to such standards. Amherst College is responsible for the physical maintenance of the Depository facility. Formerly known as the Five College Library Depository.

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  • Address: The Notch South Amherst, MA 01002
  • Zip Code: 01002
  • State or Province: MA
  • Country: USA
  • Archive Facility Type: Standalone Facility - Closed Access-Harvard Model
  • Ownership: Rented
  • Shared: Shared With Other Archive Projects
  • Shelving Capacity:
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