PASCAL - Preservation and Access Service Center for Colorado Academic Libraries

Facility Description

PASCAL, the Preservation and Access Service Center for Colorado Academic Libraries, is the state-of-the-art high density library storage facility located on the new Anschutz Medical Campus. Operating since March of 2001, The Health Sciences Library shares PASCAL with two other academic libraries: Norlin Library of CU Boulder and Auraria Library. Health Sciences staff member, Michael Kelty, is the on-site manager of PASCAL. All volumes are sorted and stored by size in cardboard trays on 30-foot high shelve

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  • Facility URL:
  • Address: Fitzsimons University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309-0184
  • Zip Code: 80309
  • State or Province: CO
  • Country: USA
  • Archive Facility Type: Standalone Facility - Closed Access-Harvard Model
  • Ownership: Not specified
  • Shared: Not specified
  • Shelving Capacity: 1.6 million volumes
  • Average Temperature: 55
  • Average Humidity: 35%
  • Fire Inspection Date:
  • Fire Detection: Not specified
  • Fire Suppression: Not specified
  • Security: Not specified
  • Security Policy:
  • Access Policy:
  • Lighting Hours:
  • Lighting Type: Incandescent
  • TWPI:
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