Harvard Depository

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Facility Description

The Harvard Depository is an off-campus facility. It is built in modules, starting with module 1 in 1986 . Module 8 was completed in 2009. It uses GFA Library Archival System. It has a media preservation environment, online retrieval ordering, and delivery of materials to Harvard Campus.

Review Profile Link:

  • Facility URL: http://hul.harvard.edu/hd/
  • Address: Harvard Depository 1 Pine Hill Dr, Southborough, MA 01772
  • Zip Code: 01772
  • State or Province: MA
  • Country: USA
  • Archive Facility Type: Standalone Facility - Closed Access-Harvard Model
  • Ownership: Owned
  • Shared: Shared With Other Archive Projects
  • Shelving Capacity:
  • Average Temperature: 45-50° F
  • Average Humidity: 35% RH
  • Fire Inspection Date:
  • Fire Detection:
  • Fire Suppression:
  • Security: Key Card
  • Security Policy:
  • Access Policy:
  • Lighting Hours:
  • Lighting Type:
  • TWPI:
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