Harvard Depository

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Facility Description

The Harvard Depository is an off-campus facility. It is built in modules starting with module 1 in 1986 , module 8 was completed in 2009. It provides a strictly regulated media preservation environment, precise inventory-tracking controls, efficient online retrieval ordering, and dependable overnight delivery of materials requested from storage. Module 7, which opened in fall 2009, has storage capacity for approximately 225,000 cubic feet of materials, or approximately three million bound volumes. The roof

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  • Facility URL: http://hul.harvard.edu/hd/
  • Address: Harvard Depository 1 Pine Hill Dr, Southborough, MA 01772
  • Zip Code: 01772
  • State or Province: MA
  • Country: USA
  • Archive Facility Type: Standalone Facility - Closed Access-Harvard Model
  • Ownership: Owned
  • Shared: Shared With Other Archive Projects
  • Shelving Capacity:
  • Average Temperature: 45° F
  • Average Humidity: 35% RH
  • Fire Inspection Date:
  • Fire Detection:
  • Fire Suppression:
  • Security: Key Card
  • Security Policy:
  • Access Policy:
  • Lighting Hours:
  • Lighting Type:
  • TWPI:
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