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Huntington Library Shared Print in Place (HUVSP)
Indiana University Shared Print in Storage (IULSP)
Iowa State University (IWASP)
Kansas State University Shared Print (KKSSP)
Lafayette College Skillman Library (LAF)
Law Library Microform Consortium Digital Library Collection (LLMC3)
Lehigh University Linderman Library (LYU)
Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering & Technology (LHL)
Louisiana State University (LUU)
Loyoal Marymount University WEST Shared Print (LMLWP)
Loyola Marymount University Shared Print (LMLSP)
Maine State Library Shared Print (MEASP)
McMaster University (MUX)
Michigan State University (EEM)
Mississippi State University (MFM)
Missouri State University (MOU)
Mount Saint Mary's College Shared Print (CMMSP)
New Mexico State University (IRU)
New York Public Library System (NYP)
North Carolina State University (NRC)
North Dakota State University Library (NWQ)
Northwest Ohio Regional Book Depository (OHDNW)
Occidental College (CCOSP)
Oregon Health and Science University (OHSUS)
Oregon State University Shared Print in Place (ORESP)
Pennsylvania State University Libraries (UPM)
Pepperdine University (CPE)
Portland Public Library Shared Collections (PPNSP)
Princeton University Library (PUL)
Queen's University (Q2U)
Rice University Shared Print in Storage (RCEFP)
Rice University WEST Shared Print Project (RCFSP)
Saint Joseph's University Francis A. Drexel Library (SJD)
Seattle Pacific University (OXFSP)
Simon Fraser University Library (SFB)
Southeast Ohio Library Annex (Athens, OH) (OHDSE)
Southwest Ohio Regional Depository (OHDSW)
Stanford Jackson Business Library Shared Print in Place (S7ZSP)
Stanford Lane Medical Shared Print in Place (CASSP)
175 archiving institutions - page 2 of 5