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Goals of Speicherverbund Nord are: -Cooperative archiving of print journals in Northern Germany. -Pragmatic "keep it simple" approach to shared archiving. - Achieve tangible results quickly. - Sharing existing resources and a collaborative process with voluntary commitments. - Secure long term access to relevant print publications and reduced pressure on shelving space - Make archiving commitments visible and transparent in national/regional union catalogues

Country: Germany

Region of Activity: Northern Germany.

Contact Email: speicherverbund-nord@sub.uni-hamburg.de

Operating Details

Status: Operational

Archive Type: Print

Format Archived: Journals

Selection: Each library commits to archiving printed journal titles, permitting other libraries to freely dispose of surplus copies. This is a cooperative approach with each partner financing its own activities and sharing an equal proportion of the burden. In the first stage, focus on print journals only, titles covered by deposit laws and other legal requirements are excluded.

Retention Period: Permanent

Ownership: Original owner

Eligibility: Institution Type Based

Contact Email: speicherverbund-nord@sub.uni-hamburg.de

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