Council of Prairie and Pacific Libraries' Shared Print Archive Network (SPAN)

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Program Description

SPAN is a shared print program that distributes retrospective print titles among its members. SPAN's main goals are to provide access to shared print archives, create opportunities for the reallocation of library space, and preserve the print record for its members in a cost-effective way. This partnership wants the print titles they archive to be part of an optimal copy network that includes other print archiving initiatives.

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Operating Details

  • MOU URL:
  • Archive Type: Print
  • Status: Operational
  • Format Archived: Mixed
  • Selection: Collection Decisions are made by SPAN Management Committee and COPPUL. Collection analysis identifies Title sets. Journals are categorized by level of risk based on electronic availability, rarity, and regional relevance (Western Canada).
  • Retention Period: 10 years
  • Ownership: Transfers to Archiving Library
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