Preservation and Access Service Center for Colorado Academic Libraries

Program Description

Health Sciences Library at Anschutz Medical Campus, the Norlin Library of CU Boulder and Auraria Library. Materials moved to PASCAL will remain in the online catalog of the owning library, and local users may request delivery back to their home campus. PASCAL is a high density library storage facility located on the Anschutz Medical Campus. Operating since March of 2001, The Health Sciences Library shares PASCAL with two other academic libraries: Norlin Library of CU Boulder and Auraria Library. Health Sciences staff member, Michael Kelty, is the on-site manager of PASCAL.

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Program Details

Operating Details

  • MOU URL:
  • Archive Type: Print
  • Status: Operational
  • Format Archived: Mixed
  • Selection: Volumes eligible for storage are older research materials that have value but are in low demand. All volumes are sorted and stored by size on 30-foot high shelves identified by bar-codes. with holdings in local library catalogs.
  • Retention Period: Permanent
  • Ownership: Original owner
Archive Category Completeness Validation Condition Validation Member Access Nonmember Access
None None Electronic delivery, physical in-library use only Not specified