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Started in 2011 the Maine Shared Collections Strategy began as a three-year project. The work was funded in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). The program allows participating libraries to collaborate on decisions about the storage, retention, and preservation of print materials (both books and journals). Maine SC items may be housed in remote storage facilities, closed/secured stacks, or open (public) stacks. In 2015 the program was renamed the Maine Shared Collections Cooperative (MSCC).

Country: USA

Operating Details

Status: Operational

Archive Type: Print

Format Archived: Mixed

Selection: Monographs and journals will be selected for retention. The Collections and Operations Committee identified materials to be retained based on a collection analysis. The grant analysis included 3 million titles across the nine institution’s collections and

Retention Period: 15 years

Ownership: Original owner

Archiving Categories

Category Completeness Validation Condition Validation Member Access Nonmember Access
Not specified Not specified Electronic delivery only No access

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