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ConnectNY began efforts to create a light archive shared print trust of circulating monographs for the consortium in October 2012. The goal of the CNY Shared Print Trust Program is to preserve legacy print collections across the CNY member libraries and to provide new options for sharing the costs and efforts of long-term collection management. The Shared Print Trust focuses on monographs and uses SCS to identify two copies of each title would be retained for ten years (2014-2024). Five of the libraries are also retention partners with EAST. These five libraries will maintain their commitments to CNY, and EAST for a period of 15 years (through August, 2031).

Country: USA

Operating Details

Status: Operational

Archive Type: Print

Format Archived: Monographs

Selection: There are 852,995 circulating monographs are committed to the program. Titles selected are held by 3 or more institutions in the group. The focus is on low use circulating monographs. It was agreed that two copies of each title would be retained for ten y

Retention Period: 10 years

Ownership: Original owner

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