ConnectNY Shared Print Trust Program

Program Description

The goal of the CNY Shared Print Trust Program is to preserve legacy print collections across the CNY member libraries and to provide new options for sharing the costs and efforts of long-term collection management. The Shared Print Trust consists of sets of print materials that have been identified by specific projects proposed and developed by CNY libraries that would be held in trust for a specified period of time determined by each project. The Program acknowledges the importance of local need and local decision-making among the membership, and at the same time promotes and actively supports the efficiencies of acting as a consortium, with the ultimate goal of improving all collections and expanding access to them for all users.*

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Program Details

Operating Details

  • MOU URL: none (confirmed 12/18/17)
  • Archive Type: Print
  • Status: Operational
  • Format Archived: Monographs
  • Selection: This program focuses on low use circulating monographs. The data set includes titles that are currently held by 3 or more institutions in the group. Two copies of each title are being retained for ten years (2014-2024).
  • Retention Period: 10 years
  • Ownership: Original owner
Archive Category Completeness Validation Condition Validation Member Access Nonmember Access