Academic Libraries of Indiana (ALI): ALI-PALNI Shared Print Project

Program Description

In 2013 thirty-six Indiana academic libraries agreed to participate in the ALI/PALNI Shared Print Project. The libraries engaged Sustainable Collection Services to analyze the circulating print monographs of each participant. The project has both short-term and long-term goals. In the short-term, libraries make data-driven decisions about weeding their collections and reclaim space for student use. Long term the Project is the foundation for a shared collection and cooperative collection development.

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Operating Details

  • MOU URL: No Formal MOU. Informal agreement is that participants will not weed any items classified as scarcely held
  • Archive Type: Print
  • Status: Operational
  • Format Archived: Monographs
  • Selection: This project seeks to preserve 126,564 circulating print monographs held in ALI member library collections. Greenglass was used to identify scarcely held monographs. The ALI Last Copy policy provides for the designated retention library , Indiana University Bloomington to preserve the last copy of a monograph held by any ALI library that seeks to withdraw it's "last copy." ( Participating libraries may also offer withdrawn material to one another. A published list of collection interests is available here,
  • Retention Period: Not specified
  • Ownership: Not specified
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