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The Alliance Shared Print Trust (aka “the Trust”) is a program of the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries. The Trust is a distributed print repository in which participants agree to retain library materials in trust on behalf of the Alliance membership. The goal is to assist libraries in disclosing their long-term retention commitments so that strong collections are maintained for users in the region.

Country: USA

Operating Details

Status: Planning

Archive Type: Print

Format Archived: Journals, Monographs, Govt Docs

Selection: Libraries commit to retain print in particular subject areas. Members commit to retain the last circulating copy of a title so others may weed it. Participating libraries tag catalog records. The records are ingested into Gold Rush® and institutions use the Gold Rush® Library Content Comparison System for weeding/acquisitions. Analysis results can be exported via MARC export or spreadsheet to help in decision making.

Retention Period: 25 years

Ownership: Transfers to Archiving Library

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