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SACOOP's goal is to focus attention on retention of South Asian research collections. In 2018, many SACOOP members signed a Statement on Print Retention written by the collective. The purpose of the statement was to call attention to rare foreign‐language materials when establishing future shared print collections. To further the effort, this year SACOOP introduced an agreement for libraries that aims to share retention responsibilities for specified South Asian Studies material for 25 years.

Country: USA

Operating Details

Status: Operational

Archive Type: Print

Format Archived: Mixed

Selection: Identification of initial materials to be retained was made in a collaborative and voluntary process at the South Asia Cooperative Collection Development Workshop in October 2017. 2018 initial categories, titles and retaining institutions include: South Asia Cooperative Collection Development Workshop Niche Collections, SALTOC Serial Titles, Lapsed/Ceased Serial Titles supplied through the Library of Congress’ Cooperative Acquisitions Program (SACAP) Future SACOOP workshops are expected to explore and recommend additional materials selected for retention (for example, South Asian languagemonographs supplied through the Library of Congress).

Retention Period: 25 years

Ownership: Original owner

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