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Title Publisher ISSN Program(Institution)
... Annual report.
17th and 18th century theatre research. Loyola University
20th century music. 20th Century Music 1085-5505
21st century music. 21st-Century Music 1534-3219
4S review : journal of the Society for Social Studies of Science. The Society 0738-0526
80 micro. 1001001 Inc. 0744-7868
A Children's defense budget. Children's Defense Fund 0736-6701
A current bibliography on African affairs. Baywood Pub. Co. 0011-3255
A London bibliography of the social sciences. Mansell Information/Publishing Ltd. [etc.] 0076-051X
A report on the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen's ... Conference on Mass Transportation. The Brotherhood
A report on the United Transportation Union's ... Conference on Mass Transportation. The Union
A Survey of American chemistry. Published for National Research Council by the Chemical Catalog Company, Inc.
A Symposium of the Society for General Microbiology. Published for the Society for General Microbiology at the University Press 0081-1394
A.M.A. archives of industrial health. American Medical Association 0567-3933
A.M.A. archives of neurology and psychiatry. American Medical Association 0096-6886
A.M.A. archives of surgery. American Medical Association 0096-6908
A.M.A. journal of diseases of children. American Medical Association 0096-6916
AALL spectrum : American Association of Law Libraries magazine American Association of Law Libraries 1089-8689
AANA journal. American Association of Nurse Anesthetists 0094-6354
Abaco. Castalia 0572-3000
6921 results for ncopies: 3 - page 1 of 347