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Title Publisher ISSN Program (Institution)
Turkish studies. Frank Cass 1468-3849
Twentieth-century China = Er shi shi ji Zhongguo Twentieth-Century China 1521-5385
U.S.-Japan women's journal. Nichi-Bei josei jānaru. English supplement. U.S.-Japan Women's Center 1059-9770
U.S.S.R. computational mathematics and mathematical physics. Pergamon Press 0041-5553
Ukrainian mathematical journal. Consultants Bureau 0041-5995
Ulbandus review. Columbia University Dept. of Slavic Languages 0163-450X
Universities quarterly : culture, education & society. B. Blackwell 0263-9769
Universities quarterly. Turnstile Press 0041-9230
University of Colorado studies. [University of Colorado] 0097-1766
University of Pennsylvania law review and American law register. [Dept. of Law, University of Pennsylvania] 0749-9833
University of Toronto quarterly. The University of Toronto Press 0042-0247
Urban history review. Revue d'histoire urbaine. History Division, National Museum of Man 0703-0428
Urban land. Urban Land Institute 0042-0891
Urban systems. Pergamon Press 0147-8001
Urology. Elsevier 0090-4295
User modeling and user-adapted interaction Kluwer Academic Publishers 0924-1868
Utah historical quarterly. Utah State Historical Society, etc 0042-143X
Vaccine. Butterworths 0264-410X
Vehicle system dynamics. Swets and Zeitlinger 0042-3114
Venezuela up-to-date. Embassy of Venezuela 0042-3432
2808 results for ncopies: 5 - page 136 of 141