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Title Publisher ISSN Program (Institution)
Wiener Zeitschrift für die kunde Südasiens und Archiv für indische Philosophie. E. J. Brill 0084-0084
Wilderness & environmental medicine. Chapman & Hall on behalf of the Wilderness Medical Society 1080-6032
Willdenowia. Botanischer Garten und Botanischer Museum [etc.] 0511-9618
Wireless personal communications. Kluwer Academic Publishers 0929-6212
Women & health. Haworth Medical Press [etc.] 0363-0242
Women & literature. Transaction Periodicals Consortium 0147-1759
Women & performance. Women & Performance Project at the Dept. of Performance Studies, New York University/Tisch School of the Arts 0740-770X
Women & politics. Haworth Press 0195-7732
Women in German yearbook. University Press of America 1058-7446
Women's rights law reporter. Women's Rights Law Reporter, inc 0085-8269
Women's studies international quarterly. Pergamon 0148-0685
Women's studies international. Feminist Press 1041-9527
Women's writing : the Elizabethan to Victorian period. Triangle Journals Ltd. 0969-9082
Women. Women: A Journal of Liberation, inc.; distributed by Eastern News, New York, etc 0043-7433
Woolf studies annual. Pace University Press 1080-9317
Work and stress Taylor & Francis 0267-8373
World journal of microbiology & biotechnology. Rapid Communications of Oxford Ltd in association with UNESCO and in collaboration with the International Union of Microbiological Societies 0959-3993
World literature written in English. University of Texas at Arlington 0093-1705
World oil. Gulf Pub. Co. 0043-8790
Yakugaku zasshi Nihon Yakugakkai 0031-6903
2805 results for ncopies: 5 - page 138 of 141