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Title Publisher ISSN Program(Institution)
"Novice's" gleanings in bee culture. A.I. Root & Co.
20th century studies. Faculty of Humanities of the University of Kent at Canterbury 0041-4638
3C on-line : a quarterly publication of the Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group for Computing at Community Colleges. The Association 1078-2192
A Real Goods solar living sourcebook. Chelsea Green Pub. Co. 1936-7775
A.M.A. archives of dermatology and syphilology. American Medical Association 0096-5979
A.M.A. archives of dermatology. American Medical Association 0096-5359
A.M.A. archives of industrial health. American Medical Association 0567-3933
A.M.A. archives of industrial hygiene and occupational medicine. American Medical Association 0096-6703
A.M.A. archives of neurology and psychiatry. American Medical Association 0096-6886
A.M.A. archives of neurology. American Medical Association 0375-8540
A.M.A. archives of otolaryngology. American Medical Association 0096-6894
AAESPH review. American Association for the Education of the Severely/Profoundly Handicapped 0147-4375
AANA journal. American Association of Nurse Anesthetists 0094-6354
AAPG bulletin. American Association of Petroleum Geologists 0149-1423
Abstracts of photographic science & engineering literature. Graphic Arts Research Center, College of Graphic Arts & Photography, Rochester Institute of Technology [etc.] 0001-3633
Abstracts of research papers. American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation 0587-4890
Academy proceedings in earth and planetary sciences. Indian Academy of Sciences
Acarologia. Marc Vachon 0044-586X
Accomplishments in cancer research. Lippincott 0273-3552
ACI materials journal. American Concrete Institute 0889-325X
6852 results for program: University of California Shared Print - page 1 of 343