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Title Publisher ISSN Program (Institution)
"Review" Yugoslav-Croatian. Free Europe Press
1848 : Société d'histoire de la Révolution de 1848
20 century British history. Oxford University Press 0955-2359
22 days in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. John Muir Publications ; 1058-6016
3. Welt Magazin. Progress Dritte Welt 0002-0362
A Handbook of Korea. Korean Overseas Information Service, Ministry of Culture and Information
A pictorial and descriptive guide to London.
A review of activities of the government.
A Satchel guide for the vacation tourist in Europe. Houghton, Osgood and Co.
A Survey of race relations in South Africa. South African Institute of Race Relations 0081-9778
ABC cultural. Prensa Español
ABC. Prensa Española
Abhilekha. Śrī 5 ko Sarakāra, Śikshā tathā Saṃskr̥ti Mantrālaya, Purātattva Vibhāga, Rāshṭriya Abhilekhālaya
ABN correspondence. [Press Bureau of the AntiBolshevik Bloc of Nations] 0001-0545
About Japan. The Society
Abstracta Iranica. Institut français d'iranologie de Téhéran 0240-8910
Abstracts of papers - Byzantine Studies Conference. Byzantine Studies Conference 0147-3387
ACEN news. Press Bureau, ACEN 0001-0677
ACIS : journal of the Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies ACIS 0955-4270
Acta archaeologica Carpathica. Państwowe Wydawn. Naukowe 0001-5229
4292 results for subjectCode: D - page 1 of 215