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Title Publisher ISSN Program(Institution)
"Hong lou meng" yan jiu. Zhongguo ren min da xue shu bao zi liao she
1/4. Malarmannan
17th and 18th century theatre research. Loyola University
17th and 18th century theatre research. Johnson Reprint Corp
2 plus 2. Mylabris Press 0254-5209
2000. Māhaphuja Ānāma
24 images. 24 Images 0707-9389
80 : Adri Darmadji
A Beyond Baroque newbook. Beyond Baroque Foundation
A Celtic studies bibliography for ... Celtic Studies Association of North America
A Directory of American fiction writers. Poets & Writers
A Finnegans wake circular. s.n. 0267-9612
A Miscellany of American poetry. Harcourt, Brace
A Review of English literature. Longmans, Green and Company 0486-6053
A Seventeenth century news letter. Rutgers University 0735-7621
A Wake newslitter monograph. A Wake Newslitter Press
A Wake newslitter. Dept. of Literature, University of Essex 0049-6847
A-I︠A︡. A-Ya. Contemporary Russian literature. A-Ya 0241-8185
A.U.M.L.A. : Journal of the Australasian Universities Modern Language Association. The Association 0001-2793
AAA, Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik Institut für Anglistik, Universität Graz 0171-5410
4742 results for subjectCode: P - page 1 of 238