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The Eastern Academic Scholars’ Trust (EAST) is a shared print initiative of 100 plus member institutions in 15 states from Maine to Florida. EAST member libraries commit to retain agreed upon titles in their local collection and make those titles available to other EAST members. EAST member libraries have collectively made retention commitments to over 10 million monographs. A subset of EAST members (32 libraries) has committed to retaining approximately 37,000 journal holdings. The criteria for which serial titles were committed can be found on the EAST website. EAST is a member of both the Partnership for Shared Book Collections and Rosemont Shared Print Alliance.

Country: USA

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Operating Details

Status: Operational

Start Year: 2011

Archive Type: Print

Format Archived: Journals, Monographs

Selection: EAST worked with the Center for Research Libraries on analyzing print serial and journal titles across the journal retention partners. EAST focuses on preserving scarcely held titles and securing up to 3 retention commitments for widely held materials.

Retention Period: 15 years

Ownership: Original owner

Funding Profile: Member Funded

Staffing Model: Dedicated staff (Program Officer / Executive Director)

Disclosure: PAPR, OCLC WorldCat

Eligibility: Regional Based

Contact Email:

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