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Title Publisher ISSN Program(Institution)
American anthropologist. American Anthropological Association, etc 0002-7294
Biochemical and biophysical research communications. Academic Press 0006-291X
Bioconjugate chemistry. American Chemical Society 1043-1802
Erkenntnis. D. Reidel 0165-0106
Faraday discussions of the Chemical Society. Faraday Division, Chemical Society 1359-6640
Human ecology. Springer Science+Business Media, Inc. 0300-7839
IEEE/ACM transactions on networking : a joint publication of the IEEE Communications Society, the IEEE Computer Society, and the ACM with its Special Interest Group on Data Communication. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., and the Association for Computing Machinery 1063-6692
Industrial & engineering chemistry fundamentals. American Chemical Society 0196-4313
Inorganica chimica acta. Elsevier Sequoia [etc.] 0020-1693
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry. American Chemical Society, Books and Journals Division 0021-8561
Journal of applied electrochemistry. Chapman and Hall 0021-891X
Journal of cellular physiology. Wiley Subscription Services, Inc. 0021-9541
Journal of chemical and engineering data. American Chemical Society 0021-9568
Journal of experimental marine biology and ecology. North-Holland Pub. Co. 0022-0981
Journal of human evolution. Academic Press 0047-2484
Journal of insect physiology. Pergamon Press 0022-1910
Journal of medicinal chemistry. American Chemical Society 0022-2623
Journal of peace research. Sage Publications [etc.] 0022-3433
Journal of philosophical logic. Kluwer Academic Publishers, etc 0022-3611
Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society. The Society 0003-021X
28 results for ncopies: 10 - page 1 of 2