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Title Publisher ISSN Program(Institution)
Inorganic chemistry. American Chemical Society 0020-1669
International journal for parasitology. Pergamon Press 0020-7519
International journal of chemical kinetics. Wiley 0538-8066
International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology : official organ of the Association for Psychiatric Treatment of Offenders (APTO). The Association 0306-624X
Journal of abnormal child psychology. Springer [etc.] 0091-0627
Journal of accounting & economics. North-Holland Pub. Co. 0165-4101
Journal of applied physics. American Institute of Physics 0021-8979
Journal of applied polymer science. Wiley 0021-8995
Journal of black studies. Sage Publications 0021-9347
Journal of chemical ecology. [Plenum Pub. Corp.] 0098-0331
Journal of contemporary history. Sage Publications, etc 0022-0094
Journal of development economics. North-Holland Pub. Co. 0304-3878
Journal of econometrics. North-Holland Pub. Co. 0304-4076
Journal of electron spectroscopy and related phenomena. Elsevier Scientific Pub. Co. 0368-2048
Journal of graph theory. John Wiley & Sons 0364-9024
Journal of historical geography. Academic Press 0305-7488
Journal of inorganic biochemistry. Elsevier 0162-0134
Journal of mathematical biology. Springer-Verlag 0303-6812
Journal of mathematical physics. American Institute of Physics 0022-2488
Journal of organic chemistry. American Chemical Society [etc.] 0022-3263
107 results for ncopies: 9 - page 3 of 6