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Title Publisher ISSN Program(Institution)
Journal of organometallic chemistry. Elsevier Sequoia 0022-328X
Journal of policy analysis and management : [the journal of the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management] Published by John Wiley & Sons for the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management 0276-8739
Journal of thermal biology. Pergamon Press 0306-4565
Latin American perspectives. Sage Periodicals Press [etc.] 0094-582X
Mathematische Zeitschrift. J. Springer 0025-5874
Mind. Basil Blackwell [etc.] 0026-4423
Naval research logistics. Wiley in cooperation with the Office of Naval Research 0894-069X
Paideuma. University of Maine at Orono [etc.] 0090-5674
Philosophical studies. Kluwer Academic Publishers [etc.] 0031-8116
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Royal Society 0962-8436
Policy sciences. Kluwer Academic Publishers, [etc.] 0032-2687
Political behavior. Agathon Press 0190-9320
Progress in biophysics and molecular biology. Pergamon Press 0079-6107
Public administration review. American Society for Public Administration 0033-3352
Radiation botany. Pergamon Press 0033-7560
Radio science. American Geophysical Union [etc.] 0048-6604
Reports on progress in physics. The Institute of Physics 0034-4885
Serials review. Pierian Press 0098-7913
Sex roles. Plenum Pub. Corp 0360-0025
Siberian mathematical journal. Consultants Bureau 0037-4466
107 results for ncopies: 9 - page 4 of 6