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Title Publisher ISSN Program(Institution)
Chemistry of materials : a publication of the American Chemical Society. The Society 0897-4756
Chesapeake science. Chesapeake Biological Laboratory 0009-3262
China report = Chung-kuo tʻung hsün. China Study Centre 0009-4455
Chromatographic reviews. Elsevier 0009-5907
Climatic change. Reidel Pub. Co. 0165-0009
Communications of the ACM. Association for Computing Machinery 0001-0782
Communications on pure and applied mathematics : Interscience Publishers 0010-3640
Comparative drama. Comparative drama 0010-4078
Comparative studies in society and history. Cambridge University Press 0010-4175
Contemporary physics. Taylor & Francis 0010-7514
Contributions to Indian sociology. Vikas Pub. House [etc.] 0069-9667
Critical reviews in biochemistry and molecular biology. CRC Press 1040-9238
Criticism. Wayne State University Press 0011-1589
Design quarterly. Walker Art Center 0011-9415
Developmental biology. Academic Press 0012-1606
Diacritics. Johns Hopkins University Press [etc.] 0300-7162
Ecological modelling. Elsevier 0304-3800
Ecological monographs. Ecological Society of America, etc 0012-9615
Economic inquiry. Western Economic Association International [etc.] 0095-2583
Educational and psychological measurement. Educational and psychological measurement, etc 0013-1644
337 results for ncopies: 9 - page 4 of 17