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Title Publisher ISSN Program(Institution)
Signs. University of Chicago Press 0097-9740
Small business economics. Kluwer Academic 0921-898X
Social science history. Sage [etc.] 0145-5532
Soil biology & biochemistry. Pergamon Press 0038-0717
Solid-state electronics. Pergamon Press 0038-1101
Strategic management journal. Wiley 0143-2095
Studia logica. Ossolineum; Reidel [etc.] 0039-3215
Synthese. D. Reidel Pub. Co. [etc.] 0039-7857
Teaching sociology. American Sociological Association, [etc.] 0092-055X
Technology and culture. University of Chicago Press [etc.] 0040-165X
Tetrahedron letters; the international organ for the rapid publication of preliminary communications in organic chemistry. Pergamon Press 0040-4039
The American journal of cardiology. Cahners Pub. Co., etc 0002-9149
The American journal of medicine. Cahners Pub. Co. [etc.] 0002-9343
The American naturalist. Essex Institute 0003-0147
The Botanical review. New York Botanical Garden [etc.] 0006-8101
The journal of chemical physics. American Institute of Physics 0021-9606
The journal of Negro history. Association for the Study of Negro Life and History 0022-2992
The Journal of pediatrics. C.V. Mosby 0022-3476
The journal of physical chemistry. American Chemical Society 0022-3654
The Philosophical forum. Dept. of Philosophy, Boston University [etc.] 0031-806X
107 results for ncopies: 9 - page 5 of 6