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Title Publisher ISSN Program(Institution)
ACM computing surveys. Association for Computing Machinery 0360-0300
Acta astronautica. Pergamon Press 0094-5765
Acta psychologica. Martinus Nijhoff 0001-6918
Agro-ecosystems. Elsevier Scientific Pub. Co. 0304-3746
American educational research journal. American Educational Research Association 0002-8312
American journal of orthopsychiatry. Educational Pub. Foundation [etc.] 0002-9432
American journal of physical anthropology. A. R. Liss [etc.] 0002-9483
Annual review of anthropology. Annual Reviews Inc. 0084-6570
Antonie van Leeuwenhoek. Veenman & Zonen B.V. [etc.] 0003-6072
Applied acoustics. Acoustique appliqué. Angewandte Akustik. Applied Science Publishers [etc.] 0003-682X
Applied cognitive psychology. Wiley 0888-4080
Applied surface science. New York] : North-Holland 0169-4332
Automatica. Pergamon Press 0005-1098
Biochemical pharmacology. Elsevier 0006-2952
Chemical and engineering news : "news edition" of the American Chemical Society. The Society 0009-2347
Chemical engineering research & design : transactions of the Institution of Chemical Engineers. The Institution ; distributed by Pergamon 0263-8762
Chemical physics. Elsevier Science Publishers [etc.] 0301-0104
Chemical research in toxicology. American Chemical Society 0893-228X
Chemical reviews. American Chemical Society [etc.] 0009-2665
Cultural anthropology : journal of the Society for Cultural Anthropology. American Anthropological Association 0886-7356
107 results for ncopies: 9 - page 1 of 6